How to Reduce Taxes

If you want to keep more of your money (and stick it to the IRS)
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From: Brian Kindsvater, Esq.

Dear Fellow Tax Sufferer,

You know the "big guys" often pay little or no taxes. They know the insider strategies. That leaves you to carry more of the burden of government on your back.

If you think you have been paying too much in taxes, chances are you have. Every time you turn around there's another tax form demanding your attention - and YOUR MONEY. The General Accounting Office admits Americans have overpaid billions in taxes by not using all strategies they are entitled to.

Did you get a check back from the government for not taking all deductions or using all tax strategies you are legally entitled to use?

Me neither.

Government keeps coming after you to pay and pay and pay. With the poor economy and whopping national debt it is only going to get worse, not better ... unless you discover a few secrets normally reserved for the privileged few.

There are only two ways you can pay less taxes:

  • Make less money, or

  • Use legal strategies to pay just the taxes you are required to pay.

  • The real question is: Are you going to fight for your money?

    Most will not. They'll complain about the government and which party is most responsible for gridlock, taxes, or the debt. Then they meekly fork over their money.

    I am inviting you to do something different.

    As you read this page you will see others just like you who have decided to keep more of their money. These are legal strategies. Not all of them will work for you. But some will. (And the government, IRS, and your accountant are not telling you about them.)

    You can keep thousands of dollars now vacuumed up by the system by using simple tax strategies you are not aware of. If you do not use them the IRS is not going to help you out. There is no government bailout for us. Bailouts are reserved for pompous Wall Street fat cats.

    Taxes take up a lot of your money. They are one of your biggest expenses.

    More is spent on taxes than ...
  • Groceries,

  • Eating Out,

  • Clothing,

  • Transportation,

  • Gas,

  • Entertainment,

  • and Healthcare

    That is insane.

    You can save a few bucks by not dining out or not going to the movies. But can you save on taxes?

    You can and you will.

    Big time!

    ... So Excited I stayed up to 3 AM making notes

    "Hello Brian,

    What an amazing site. I have gone through all your information, I actually was so excited that I stayed up to 3 AM making notes to send to my accountant. I documented what was there and on just one of your techniques my accountant said he will refile and save me $900 in taxes! Amazing info and the documentation is so clear, all I had to do was send over the information to my accountant and he said, "This is Great"

    Look forward to implementing more. If you are a business owner, you would be crazy not to use it. $900 in one night!"

    Thanks, "

    Joel Wissing
    Money Maker Edge
    Corona, California

    Let Me Tell You About One Super-Secret Strategy to Put Thousands in Your Pocket Tax Free

    The tax code is insanely complex. But once it is untangled and you know the secrets and get tactics simply explained, you will be amazed at how quickly and easily you can make a difference in your life.

    Let me explain the 'Magic Money Trick' ....

    What happens is your business pays you money. What this is for is set out in the membership area. Because there is a business reason the payment is a tax deduction for your business.

    This is where it gets really, really, interesting .... That is because the money is not taxable to you!

    It is incredible. Your business gets a tax deduction and you get tax free money. It is the ultimate in double dipping.

    Probably 99% of the accountants have never thought of this strategy.

    You cannot do this with all of your business income. Only part of it. (Some do this with many thousands of dollars, but let's not get greedy.)

    You may be asking, Is this legal?

    100 percent.

    It will take you about 5 minutes to do.

    You may be asking yourself, how come I have never heard of this before?

    It is not your fault. Most accountants never bother to read the tax code. The laws are mind-numbingly complex and boring to read. Millions of pages of obtuse sections that cross-reference dozens of other sections like a plate of spaghetti ten miles wide. Plus regulations. Plus court rulings.

    The accountant's secret is they rely on newsletters and books written by others about how to prepare taxes. These are not tax strategy books. To do your taxes they use programs like TurboTax.

    Even if you read the code this strategy is not obvious. Since this strategy is an unexpected twist on a statute intended for another purpose the tactic is simply missed.

    This secret money magic trick is as "underground" as it gets.

    When Congress passed the law it said the IRS was supposed to create implementing regulations. But the IRS has never gotten around to doing that - over 20 years later!

    I did a search of this law on the IRS website. Of the hundreds of thousands of pages and documents available you know how many referenced it?


    That one document is a letter from the IRS to an incredulous United States Member of Congress telling them that yes, what I am about to give you is in fact legal. Even though Congress made the law, due to the unexpected twist they had no idea this double-dipping loophole existed. (As a member you will get to read the letter from the IRS to Congress confirming the legality of this tactic.)

    My friend, this strategy may save you thousands of dollars. Use it this year. Next year. The year after - at least until this loophole is closed.

    So please do me and yourself a favor and do not go around blabbing about this.

    Here's More Tax Strategies You Will Be Getting

    Inside you will find dozens of deductions with tax strategies worth many thousands of dollars per year, including:

    The secret to getting easy tax free money out of your business. (Is there anyone who doesn't like tax free money?)

    The sneaky 'alternative' employment arrangement that makes it simple for some to get thousands in even more tax free money. (One member found $10,000 in extra deductions using this tip.)

    How you can deduct almost anything. With new technology it can cost you virtually nothing to create unlimited profitable, deduction generating enterprises.

    How to get paid to have a post office box.

    Amazing way to use Craigslist to reduce your taxes (and feel really good about yourself in the process.)

    The surprising loophole buried in an IRS regulation that allows cell phones for your family to be deducted. (Sometimes the IRS outsmarts itself and does not realize how creative attorneys can exploit the rules.)

    Easy to follow, step by step guide to writing off your vacations.

    How to prove you are in business and entitled to a boatload of deductions.

    The little known sleight of hand where someone else does the work, you get paid, and it's tax free.

    The insider trick major corporation lawyers use to reduce government fines or write them off completely.

    How if you can count to 10 you could double your home office deductions. (It is so easy to save yourself thousands of dollars.)

    Key steps to deduct start up costs before you even have a business.

    How to write-off Christmas and birthday gifts. (Your friends will appreciate this one!)

    * Plus Much, Much, More! You've never seen anything like this, as porn stars and drug dealers are used to show how the tax laws can work to your advantage.

    Why You Cannot Rely Solely on a CPA

    There are many Certified Public Accountants who provide excellent tax help. I have clients who are CPAs and one of my all-time favorite and trustworthy friends is a CPA.

    But simply because someone is a CPA doesn't mean they are an advanced tax strategist. Taxation is just one of many courses taught in college to get an accounting degree. It may be just one class. There are four parts to the Uniform CPA Exam. Do you know how many are specific to tax reduction strategies?

    None. Taxation isn't even mentioned as a CPA exam category!

    According to one CPA and former IRS examiner,

    "[T]hese people were taught, just like I was taught in the university, basically nothing about the law and didn’t use the codes or regulations. At the school that I graduated from, we had one tax class, and all they taught us was how to prepare a tax return. We didn’t get into codes and regulations. When I was an IRS agent, we were taught using tables or publications that they put together and rarely even looked at the codes and regulations ...."

    Remember earlier the General Accounting Office says billions have been overpaid in taxes...

    It's worse.

    The GAO said "most" of the over payments were on returns done by paid preparers.

    Unless you understand some tax strategies odds are you are flushing money down the toilet.

    Why You Cannot Rely Solely on TurboTax

    TuboTax is wonderful software but it can leave a lot of money on the table.

    It is tax preparation software. Not tax strategy software.

    One tax court said "Tax preparation software is only as good as the information one inputs into it" and courts have held you are "negligent" for only using TurboTax if you make a mistake on your return.

    The Magic Loophole is nowhere in TurboTax. In fact, the closest TurboTax gets to this law is when it says on its website this is not covered in the software. Then TurboTax completely misses this strategy anyway. (As a member you will see TurboTax biffing it.)

    You will also see TurboTax missing a major opportunity that could double your home office deduction and costing you thousands of dollars.

    Would You Rather Spend Your Money on a Nice Vacation, or Let a Government Bureaucrat Waste it Digging Through Monkey Dung?

    It's your hard-earned money. If you send the feds extra 'debt reduction' checks each year then this membership is not for you.

    It took you a lot of time, money, and sweat to get where you are now. After all that are you just going to sit there and fritter it away?

    Here's what the bureaucrats did with the tax money you paid last year ...

    * Your pals at the IRS sent $112,000,000 to prisoners filing fake tax returns.

    * The National Institutes of Health spent stimulus money to study how men in Orange Farm, South Africa, wash their genitals after sex.

    * The National Science Foundation used tax dollars to study African Blue Monkey dung.

    * More stimulus money was spent resurfacing the remains of an old bridge that does not connect to any roads and ends in an eight foot drop.

    * A whopping $571 million was spent by the Department of Transportation for landscaping (not a single fixed pot hole or road improvement in this amount).

    The list goes on and on and on.

    ...It's worth every penny you will pay

    " I have encountered no other product which can match yours in terms of practical, money-saving advice. Well done!"

    "There is absolutely zero amount of fluff here. Everything you will read is bankable, money-in-your-wallet advice. If you do not save well over the cost of the membership you are doing something wrong...or not doing anything at all.

    As a small businessman offline and an Internet marketer online, I found these strategies to be things I could implement immediately to boost my bottom line. Just one tip alone (I'll tell you that it relates to the post office) will create a yearly savings of over $300. It's the equivalent of getting paid for doing something I already do six days a week. If you own your own business I do not have to convince you that you need every break you can get.

    That's just one example of the advice you are going to find here, and it's worth every penny you will pay. If you only subscribe to one membership site this year...or this DECADE... [this] is your best bet." "

    Scotty Rushing
    Ante Up Magazine
    Coushatta, Louisiana

    It is time to stop the madness - Passively paying more than the law says you need to just so your money can be flushed by some uncaring bureaucrat.

    The Solution is the Zero Owed Private Membership

    Good tax advice is not cheap. Tax lawyers are now charging up to $1220 per hour according to the Wall Street Journal.

    $1220 per hour! Fortunately, the miracle of the Internet allows advanced tax strategies to be shared, collected in one place, and cost efficiently made available to you.

    Let me explain.

    It will not cost you $100,000 to pay an attorney to personally create all these tactics for you. The Magic Loophole strategy I have mentioned is designed to give you a bare minimum of $1500. Probably more. Once you know it you can use the strategy year after year after year.

    That's just from one tax strategy.

    Your membership is only a $995 investment (which works out to just $83 per month for one year) that you will immediately deduct as a business expense on your taxes!

    For the savings you will get your membership is already paid for and free. You cannot afford not to get this.

    But it gets even better ....

    This is lifetime membership.

    The power of the Internet means information can be revised immediately. Whenever there is an important change your membership area is automatically updated. No extra fee is required for future updates.

    What you won't get is a bunch of audios on CD. It is cheap and easy to talk without providing professional review, editing, forms, and IRS citations. Even worse, with audio you are held hostage and forced to listen to hours upon hours of tax talk just to find the tips you really need. Want to review something? Start the audio from the beginning. And you can't easily send audio to your accountant to redo your taxes.

    Then, because the material is fixed and cannot be changed it comes with a year stamp. Like 2014 strategies. What happens in 2015?

    You have to buy it all over again, and listen to hours upon hours trying to figure out what is actually new. If anything.

    That is why the Zero Owed is a lifetime online membership. You may get some extra material in the mail, but your main membership is online. You get ...

    * Always updated information.

    * New content and articles.

    * Complete transparency and self-assuredness about what you are reading. You get links to IRS publications, statutes, regulations, cases, and other resources so you can read the law yourself or refer it to your tax professional.

    No legalese or gobbledy-gook here. You will get complex tax issues distilled into easy to understand strategies you can quickly and easily use.

    I am forever grateful for the information

    "Brian Kindsvater is exactly on point. I have utiized his services personally and now I am using his advice and knowledge of loopholes in tax law to stop paying more money in taxes than I need to. I am forever grateful for the information I have received and continue to receive in running my own business. Don't wait to do this. This is your money; stop giving it to the IRS!"

    Michelle Millard

    Meet Attorney Brian Kindsvater

    Hi. My name is Brian Kindsvater.

    For more than 20 years I have been a highly respected attorney and member of the California State Bar. My services have been used by individuals and businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietorships, for business, employment, tax, and Internet issues.

    My media appearances and places quoting me include USA Today, CNBC, Associated Press, KFBK Radio, Sacramento Business Journal, WCBS in New York, Yahoo News, the San Francisco Chronicle, and dozens of other media outlets.

    Judges and other attorneys have given me the highest ethical rating possible. I have battled in the trenches in trials and arbitrations, and served the courts as a Judge Pro Tem, arbitrator, and alternate dispute resolution mediator.

    But more important than any of that is what others have to say about these tax tips ....

    "I just wanted to say thank you for this terrific tip! This was a tax-saving strategy that I have never heard of, but it fits my business model perfectly! I figure this tip alone should increase my income by several thousand dollars for [the year]! Look forward to more of your money saving and business protecting strategies!"

    Melody Wigdahl
    Cincinnati, Ohio

    "This is some serious, serious value ....

    Thanks! "

    William Schatz
    Westchester, New York

    " Well, nevermind this is a deduction for my business - but after reading only the first tax savings strategy I've already saved at least $180 on my taxes doing something I am already doing but never knew I could deduct for.

    Tax deductible to my business - Tax free to me.

    If you don't make any money to speak of (meaning you don't pay much in taxes, if anything) then this probably isn't for you - but otherwise this is what being smart in your business is all about.

    This is the kind of stuff I've gone to multiple CPAs saying "There must be something more I can do" to which I get nothing but "Well, we all have to pay taxes."

    Maybe . . . but some of us will pay less than others - and that's not cheating the system - it's being smart about knowing what the system offers.

    Thanks Brian!


    PS - I just read #2 and although I kind-of, sort-of knew this already I've just found another $10,000 deduction - I just have to do it (like getting my office cleaned every day is going to be a bad thing)


    who wouldn't like some tax free money?

    Nice work. Thank you."

    John B.
    Sedona, Arizona

    "This membership is going to save me a fortune for years to come!

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    Your writing style makes it so simple to understand….

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    After reading this I will be able to save some nice money every year and it's because of something I have always done anyways, but had no clue I could actually get money for doing it.

    I highly recommend this. Everything is written so clearly that anyone can do the steps. I am very excited about the new information that will be released in the future and I believe this is one of the best [offers] I have ever purchased.

    This is real world tax information that you can take advantage of.

    Very very impressed. Thanks."

    Brent Jacoby
    Rowlett, Texas

    You Are Not Risking Anything

    You do not risk a penny by subscribing now per the refund policy.

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    YES BRIAN! I'm absolutely ready to fight for my money and want to take advantage of the tax strategies in the Zero Owed. I know that unless I get more insider tips I'll continue paying more taxes than I need to.

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    No one gets rich paying taxes.

    One of the richest men in the world, Warren Buffet, pays a lower tax rate than his employees.

    How does he do it? Being smart. He takes advantage of the tax laws instead of letting the tax laws take advantage of him. Some call it finding loopholes. I call it being smart.

    "The Tax Code of the United States provides many vehicles for people to save on their taxes. Most of these vehicles are available to anyone but it is the rich who usually look for them and use them ...."

    - Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

    "The single most important key to my business success is a working knowledge of the tax code."

    - Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder

    Click Here Now to Invest in Yourself. Be Smart About Your Taxes.

    Profitably Yours,

    Brian Kindsvater, Esq.

    P.S. Taxes are one of your biggest expenses. Possibly your largest money pit. Isn't it time the tax code started working for you?

    P.P.S. New tax strategies are continually added for free to the private membership area. The value of your lifetime membership will continue to grow over time.

    P.P.P.S. Remember, your membership should be a tax deductible business expense. Get it. Write it off.

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    More comments from others ...

    "There are some great tax saving ideas in this.

    For example, Brian just updated the site with another idea that takes minutes to set up, provides a business tax deduction and tax free money at the same time.

    Brian has been around these parts for a long time. He's definitely one of the good guys.

    Check it out and save big on taxes."

    Terry Hansen
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    "This information is explained in layman's terms so that it is easy to understand… It explains and gives examples on anonymity that has gotten me excited about the many possibilities I can use to structure my business. This report makes me realize that a lot of the information I've been given in the past hasn't been as thorough as I was led to believe."

    Kim Greenfield
    Ferndale, Michigan

    "I was truly surprised. The loophole is clearly explained in plain English and easy to understand. More importantly, it is not some obscure tactic that only relates to internet marketers or some unusual occupation....

    Without giving away specifics, good prospects for this specific tax savings information are legitimate home office professionals like outside salespeople, network marketers, personal trainers, and virtually anyone who can properly structure their income generating activities to meet the tax code guidelines. (And NO, this has nothing to do with the well known home office deduction)....

    All in all, an interesting and worthwhile product which should save money for many people."

    David Johnstone
    Houston, Texas

    "You definitely offer a wealth of information....

    [T]he tips about home office space and setting up partnerships were eye-opening for me. I also really like the way you show how to document deductions for each of the examples you give. This is very helpful and good to know."

    Independence, Missouri

    "I thought it was amazing. I did learn a lot about saving money on taxes, especially on having my own business! The articles were well written, straight to the point and very helpful. Anyone who reads this can save lots of money...."

    Michael Morejon
    Miami, Florida